1. Soru
It now appears that while US leaders are still willing for the nation to exert itself abroad and give large amounts of foreign assistance, the American public is ---- to go along with these policies. 38
spontaneous 0
precarious 0
competitive 2
reluctant 4
deliberate 1
People curious to get some idea of what it is like to be black in a country ---- by whites need look no further than Dennis Williams’s new novel Crossover. 63
tempted 1
undermined 2
perpetrated 0
run 0
deemed 3
Once the children have grown up I shall start travelling again, and I'm really ---- that. 99
passing on to 0
waiting up for 2
looking forward to 1
making up for 0
going along with 0
The new ceramics, which have little in common with the chinaware we use in our kitchens everyday, are being used ---- in engines and electronics. 72
seemingly 2
seemingly 1
increasingly 6
discouragingly 1
obligingly 0
Since most of the world’s commercial apples lack genetic diversity, they are unable to ---- a disease or a pest. 88
put away B)C) D) E) 1
hold up 1
fight off 7
get off 0
break out 0
In recent years ---- complex and persistent problems in economic and social fields have led people to wonder why once comfortable answers no longer seem adequate to today’s questions. 50
generously B) C) D) E) 0
inadvertently 2
increasingly 5
ingeniously 0
leisurely 0
The contemporary world economy differs ---- from what the traditional economic theorists of the 1930s envisaged. 49
primarily 3
likely 3
conversely 4
profoundly 2
intimately 1
She is the oldest person in the village, to be precise, 92 years old and has a ---- word of advice for everyone. 80
fanciful 0
faithful 0
credible 2
futile 1
kindly 3
The children of today are healthier and better ---- than those of the past, and far fewer of them die in infancy. 43
disposed of 0
fed up 2
rounded up 1
looked into 2
cared for 6
It is ---- ten years since AIDS caught the world’s attention. 71
generously 0
generously 0
pertinently 0
roughly 7
inevitably 1
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